Pathways to a Clear Mind

Solo Teamwork

It sounds strange, perhaps, that writing and walking have similarities with teamwork, but think of it in this way: Through the act of writing, you express your thoughts and ideas, and through the act of walking, you receive thoughts and ideas in return – both essential elements of any proper teamwork.


The second quality of these two activities is no doubt how they center me in the present. My journaling is literally the act of transcribing my thoughts directly onto paper with as little editing as possible. What’s there is written down and then reflected upon as my thoughts continue to flow. Of course my thoughts also go to the past and the future, but by writing it down in the present moment, I also relate it to the present moment. How does that memory make me feel; how can I act upon that future hope or anxiety today?; and how is any of it relevant right now?

Let out and let in to clearly see

Through writing I see what I have to offer. Through walking I see what the world has to offer me. And only with a clear understanding of these two sources, I can narrow my thoughts down to those few elements that actually matter. At least that is how I understand what’s going on.



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Kaya Olsen

Kaya Olsen

Passionate imperfectionist, life artist, human.