When we fall asleep, where do we go?

Sleepless nights, distracted days, and the twilight in between

  1. Meditation (I have a regular evening and an irregular morning practice)
  2. Fresh air (I need to spend time outside)
  3. Movement (I need to move, to exercise, to get physically active)
  4. Morning pages (3 handwritten pages of uncensored thoughts)
  5. Personal project(s) (basically personal play time)
  6. Meaningful conversations (humans inspire and move me deeply)
  7. Learning (this also has a lot to do with mindset — seeing the learning)
  8. Eight hours rest (meaning laying in bed with the sole purpose of resting)
  9. Fresh greens (a calm and content stomach always helps)
  10. 1,5 L water (headaches fuck up sleep too)



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