How Algorithms are Ruining our Creativity

The internet is an amazing place for getting inspiration, meeting new people and learning anything your heart desires. It’s given billions of people a voice who didn’t have one before, and they’re using it with gusto — myself included.

It’s an amazing development I can only celebrate. However, there is one little issue that bugs me a bit. To make sense of all those voices, companies have introduced algorithms that filter our input to match what they guess are our interests and desires. For that reason, our online feeds keep showing us things that are similar to what we’ve clicked…

What I talk about, when I talk about dancing

Dancing is my natural habitat. It’s been like this for years – ever since I first came across this wild place of endless possibilities back when I was 18. It’s the one place in life where I feel completely comfortable in my own skin. Where anything can happen, yet nothing (nothing!) can throw me out of balance. I can just surrender to it and move with, to, through it. Dance myself utterly and completely. Pure liberation.

But what exactly is it about dancing that makes me feel so at home?

In a word, dancing is the one place where I…

金繕い : to repair with gold.


No one makes it through life without breaking at least once or twice. Tragedies happen, traumas are inflicted, hearts are broken, and losses felt. Some people experience it on a regular basis, others manage to minimize it, but none of us avoid it completely.

Breaking is part of our life before we even learn to say the first word. During our childhood, a lot of wounds are unconsciously inflicted by our parents, who didn’t know better back then. My father for example had a fiery temper when I was a child. He would hit the table and shout at the…

Designing my digital world in service of me

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

On the first Sunday of 2021, I decided to try out one month of phone-free Mondays just to see how that would affect me. I’m always exploring new habits and challenging my old ways in order to improve my life and not getting to stuck in patterns no longer serving me. Suffering from serious sleep problems and feeling out of touch with myself, I hoped decreasing my phone time would help me gain a little peace of mind.

Acting immediately upon my idea, I informed my connections on social media about my experiment, turned off all sounds on my phone…

The Skills, the Assets, and the Jobs of Tomorrow

©Emile Guillemot (

A year ago I moved to Vienna for a job opportunity. A startup with the mission to encourage young people to become changemakers and create a better tomorrow was searching for a new team member. A friend in my Facebook network had shared the job opening, and I instantly felt drawn. Although still studying at university and needing to write my Master’s thesis, I applied. The job just sounded too cool to pass. It didn’t even take me ten minutes to decide.

Now I have been with the startup for a year, doing all sorts of things in all sorts…

The Future is Now

As 2020 is coming to a close, my thoughts are beginning to revolve around the future, around what’s coming next: Where am I heading? Where is the world heading? How will my and our collective future look? Exciting questions in confusing times.

And as I reflect on these questions, it’s becoming more and more obvious to me how significant and decisive these times truly are. Half a year ago, no one would have thought home office could replace regular office hours to such an extent without businesses collapsing and work being left undone. Half a year ago, no one would…

“The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body” — Gabrielle Roth

Have you ever had the feeling of being stuck in your head? Like nothing you do can keep the thoughts from spinning around in endless circles, going nowhere, only intensifying your confusion?

I definitely know that feeling. Far too well.

I’ll be laying in bed, trying to find sleep, or be sitting on my couch, attempting to meditate, when the thoughts start and I’m just stuck in a traffic jam of mental chaos. Shut the fuck up, I shout at myself, but for some reason…

The world is full of noise. See this, try that, go there, stay here, read this, watch that. Previously, you were mostly met by those noises when you went outside — advertisements would be visible in the streets, sellers would be shouting from their stands and the chit and chatter of people would be rising and falling all around you.

Nowadays the picture is different. Regardless of where we are, we are overflooded with noise. As we spend more and more time online, browsing through social media feeds, consuming content and surfing the web, we are being bombarded from all…

What do you do to clear your mind? When your thoughts are going in endless circles and you no longer know what’s up and down?

I do one of two things: Either I write or I walk.

I can have the most emotionally exhausting day or be in the most confused state of mind: As soon as I put pen to paper or my feet head outside, my mind refocuses and the thoughts clear away.

The two activities are an amazing pair — if I feel restless at work, I can go for a walk; and if I’m tired, I…

What does it mean to learn and how do you create a space most suitable for it?

I have been active in the educational field for seven years, working with teenagers as well as adults, in obligatory school as well as voluntary workshop settings. Sometimes teaching german grammar, sometimes piano, sometimes personal development, sometimes dance, and sometimes entrepreneurship and innovation.

What I have found from my experiences is how essential freedom is to deep learning, i.e. learning that is grounded and integrated. The freedom to figure things out for oneself; the freedom to explore and hit dead ends; the freedom…

Kaya Olsen

Passionate imperfectionist, life artist, human.

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